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Concord is a community located in Knox County, just west of Knoxville and east of Farragut. Located along the banks of Fort Loudoun Lake and the Tennessee River, the area boasts very picturesque surroundings, which are greatly complemented by an incredible selection of luxury lakefront homes.

A quick drive around Concord will treat you to absolutely incredible scenery, with views of gorgeous landscapes, dense forests, and lush greenery zooming past as you make your way. The community’s breathtaking surroundings serve as the perfect setting for a great selection of fun-filled outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, boating, and more.

Concord residents enjoy convenient access to Pellissippi Parkway or Interstate I-140, making nearby towns and cities within a short drive away. With an ideal location, beautiful surroundings, and a great selection of beautiful homes to choose from, Concord is definitely one of the region’s best places to call home.

Activities to enjoy in Concord

  • One of the best activities to enjoy in Concord is shopping. You’ll find small family-owned shops, exclusive boutiques, large retailers filled with unique merchandise, and almost everything in between.
  • Dining is always a treat when you’re in Concord, as the area is home to a number of must-try diners, cafés, restaurants and coffee shops that offer different types of cuisine.
  • You’ll find many sprawling parks and recreation areas throughout Concord, perfect if you’re the type who loves spending time outdoors. Enjoy a nice picnic in Concord Park, go boating in Fort Loudoun Lake, or go on a relaxing fishing trip while admiring the picture perfect views.
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